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Asst CT:Shiyi
SC:Sheeeeena and George
YanQing,Michelle S
Jia Bin,Zhang(Xuan,Hao)

The class: Farah,Johnathan Lan,Michelle Lee,Ruo Wei
Su Hui,Ee Loong,JiaQing,Tze Ting,Sasi,Hongsheng,Oliver,Xiuquan

Our OLD Class: Derrick
Eugene,Kyna,Fang Ming
Prahlad,Fan Di,Mun Hoe(****)
Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The End of a fairy-tale.. Yet the start of a new one..

Life can sometimes be so cruel..
allowing strangers to become frienz,
yet forced them to go seperate ways..
The fairy tale of 06S64 had started not long ago,
on 11 jan, when we first met as a class..
From strangers whom don't know each other,
to frienz who shed tears for one another..
Barely 2 months down the road,
And sad to say, some are embarking on another journey..
Tried they had to stay on, but to no avail,
they are left with no choice..
Maybe the word cruel is an understatement aftall,
for all the times we've spent together,
couldn't juz be summarised like that..
From the jokes in hoho's class to the complains in Koh's class,
And the joy, laughters n fun together, it will all go down into memory lane..
Mayb it really wasn't meant, to be a fairy-tale ending aftall..

However, the end of one means the start of another..
For the future lies in each of our own's hands..
The fairy-tale may haf ended,
yet it path the way for a new one..
The 64 originals shall unite,
For it is ultimately the best..

06S64 ROCK ON!!!

To those whom may have left the class..
No worries, no tears, no sadness..
For u people may physically left us,
the 64 spirits within u all shall remain..

Its afterall, silent tears for me..
For the class..
For the listeners of the fairy-tale..
But, guys n gals, be strong,
the tears shall be wiped away,
and the sorrow driven off..

We shall move on.. 06S64..
Derrick, Mun hoe, Eugene, Kyna, Fan di, Fangming,
Without u guys, the story will be incomplete,
for u guys really spiced it up..
However, the story of 06S64 has not ended n will be remembered,
And it is..

To Be Continued...



crapped at 3:54 PM


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