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Asst CT:Shiyi
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YanQing,Michelle S
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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hey ppl, i guess its confirmed now... we're leaving.
can't say i didnt expected it though, tried to make myself mentally prepared. but its so damn hard. Jus really wana thank u peeps for the very fun time u gave to me. sad though that the outing didnt really go as planned but i really hoped that it can leave a memory behind.
i jus feel very sad now... though really noe wat to say. i really wish i dun hav to leave such a great class. i may still be in vj but lets face it--- soon we will become distant.
u guys really bring out the best in me... allowed me to be so open. hope u will enjoy yrselves in the next 2 yrs... enjoy being with koh, wong blah blah.. and u'll need a new phys rep.
u guys will always remain in my memory. all those fun times tt we had together. and to all those whom i not that close to, its a wasted chance.
06S64 rox!!!!!


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