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Asst CT:Shiyi
SC:Sheeeeena and George
YanQing,Michelle S
Jia Bin,Zhang(Xuan,Hao)

The class: Farah,Johnathan Lan,Michelle Lee,Ruo Wei
Su Hui,Ee Loong,JiaQing,Tze Ting,Sasi,Hongsheng,Oliver,Xiuquan

Our OLD Class: Derrick
Eugene,Kyna,Fang Ming
Prahlad,Fan Di,Mun Hoe(****)
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

hey 64! i'm leaving fore the airport soon. so yeahh. take care guys. gonna miss u guys loads. wishh me luck yeahh? will try my best to win so ur can porn sch to come receive me! hehe. yupyup. have fun with koh and WONGGWONGGG <-- i know jia qing will. :). and... hohohoooo. haha. yupyupp. ciaoOO! lovee u guys LOADS...

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

HEY IT:S ME sorry it's only my first time coming in! this place rocks! haha as in.. i really feel the 64 spirit! it's amazing how 25 of us who are so different- with personalities ranging from kyna's to munhoe's to mine haha- can develop such a strong bond and AFFECTION for one another in a short span of 2 mths.. we accept one another as we are cos we know we all are sincere in extending our friendship and companionship. i need to sidetrack a little, cos when i read derrick's longlong entry with a little note to everyone.. i was so touched this silly joker had so much he couldnt let go and for the first time he was taking down his joker mask and showing us what lies beneath.. I MISS THIS SILLY TWEET.
to kyna and eugene - it's heartbreaking to see you guys missing our class(ok that sounded thickskin) and we know it's hard initially.. but im sure u all will find your own sky and pls treasure your time in vjc cos some ppl dont even have the opportunity
to mun hoe prahlad fang min and fan di - you four are supers whom i believe will succeed no matter where you endeavour so strive on, when your name appears in the papers someday don't deny you ever knew me: )
64er [`sheens]

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Friday, March 10, 2006

hey guys...
i'm will be away at qatar for a competition from the 14th to 27th march.

date : 14th March, Tuesday
time : 1945
flight no : QR 627 T1
i will be at the airport by 1745.

date : 27th March, Monday
time : 1235
flight no : QR 626 T1

if you're are free u can come and send me off!! hehe. sorry i know i'm being thick skined, but if you're free just drop by okiee?? and... if i win you're must come and receive me k?? will keep you're informed bout my result. lovee u guys.

on a lighter note...
i really miss 64 originals.
i miss u guys so so so muchh.
love you're to the inner coreee.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

To: 06S64
well...how's it now?
w/o derrick, eugene, kyna...the three musketeers...we still can live now isn't it?
perhaps...it's not that impt that we remain together as a class...
as long as our hearts remain linked together...i'm sure that no matter the distance between us and them...we'll always remain the best of friends and buddies...
we're one big family and that'll remain as it is..no one can upset the balance in 06S64...no one except ourselves...
so let's just face the reality with utmost courage and i believe that we'll all have a great time in VJC for the rest of the two years...

To: Derrick
dear chen bro...i know that u're not feeling at home in TJC...but i'm sure that ur happy-go-lucky trait will not go unnoticed...ur humour is addictive and one can never get enough of it...
just do wad ur heart tells u to...
sometimes it's best to follow ur heart..
it may not bethe best option..but at least that's wad u wanted most...
nothing in this world is perfect...
we can't have it all...
so, believe in urself...
if u dun believe u can do it..nobody will...
i believe in u..u can definitely do it..
we're best buds k! JIAYOU!
(Keep me updated on any interesting news...k!)

To: Eugene
though i'm not as close to u as with derrick, i still feel a sense of loss when i know that u're gonna leave 06S64 for 06A14...
perhaps deep down in my heart i've always treated u as my kaki...(do u? hehe...)
anyway, have fun in ur new class...and keep us informed about ur progress with Rachel!
(we'll see each other more often k!)

Ermz..that's about all...it's 10.45pm..beta start packing the stuff for O.L.C camp! Sayonara! Oyatsumi-nasai!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The End of a fairy-tale.. Yet the start of a new one..

Life can sometimes be so cruel..
allowing strangers to become frienz,
yet forced them to go seperate ways..
The fairy tale of 06S64 had started not long ago,
on 11 jan, when we first met as a class..
From strangers whom don't know each other,
to frienz who shed tears for one another..
Barely 2 months down the road,
And sad to say, some are embarking on another journey..
Tried they had to stay on, but to no avail,
they are left with no choice..
Maybe the word cruel is an understatement aftall,
for all the times we've spent together,
couldn't juz be summarised like that..
From the jokes in hoho's class to the complains in Koh's class,
And the joy, laughters n fun together, it will all go down into memory lane..
Mayb it really wasn't meant, to be a fairy-tale ending aftall..

However, the end of one means the start of another..
For the future lies in each of our own's hands..
The fairy-tale may haf ended,
yet it path the way for a new one..
The 64 originals shall unite,
For it is ultimately the best..

06S64 ROCK ON!!!

To those whom may have left the class..
No worries, no tears, no sadness..
For u people may physically left us,
the 64 spirits within u all shall remain..

Its afterall, silent tears for me..
For the class..
For the listeners of the fairy-tale..
But, guys n gals, be strong,
the tears shall be wiped away,
and the sorrow driven off..

We shall move on.. 06S64..
Derrick, Mun hoe, Eugene, Kyna, Fan di, Fangming,
Without u guys, the story will be incomplete,
for u guys really spiced it up..
However, the story of 06S64 has not ended n will be remembered,
And it is..

To Be Continued...



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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hey ppl, i guess its confirmed now... we're leaving.
can't say i didnt expected it though, tried to make myself mentally prepared. but its so damn hard. Jus really wana thank u peeps for the very fun time u gave to me. sad though that the outing didnt really go as planned but i really hoped that it can leave a memory behind.
i jus feel very sad now... though really noe wat to say. i really wish i dun hav to leave such a great class. i may still be in vj but lets face it--- soon we will become distant.
u guys really bring out the best in me... allowed me to be so open. hope u will enjoy yrselves in the next 2 yrs... enjoy being with koh, wong blah blah.. and u'll need a new phys rep.
u guys will always remain in my memory. all those fun times tt we had together. and to all those whom i not that close to, its a wasted chance.
06S64 rox!!!!!


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the chen and ang brothers. :).
hey guys. thank you so so much for putting in such a big effort for our class outing on sunday. although we ended up not playing much games, i think at the end of the day, it was just the company and all that made it so so fun. it definitely left unforgetable memories. :). THANK YOU! we enjoyed ourselves through and through. lovee u guys loadss.
nothing is confirmed until tonight, so lets keep our fingers, toes and heart crossed.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

hmmm and ya, i believe that i'm the type of person that you either like me for my attitude or you simply hate me. ha, i think that everyone of us will definitely have someone that we dislike at the start of school but until now, i believed that these feelings have unknowingly disappeared as we gel as one class. to me, anyone leaving this class will make this entire jigsaw puzzle incomplete. each and everyone of us is just as indispensable. 06S64 is simply not the same without this bunch of people. but trust me, be it we're in the same school or not same class or not, the jigsaw puzzle will always be complete, i'll use super glue. we can still hang out together i hope. you guys better not dump me at tj. ha. here's a personal note to everyone in class. take care all.

06S64 (the originals)

Eugene- hey dude, though we didnt really talk much at the start but after the whole 'infatuation' thing, our friendship was kicked start. ha. so in a way, it helps. do carry on chasing for things you love, have that courage in you to pursue what you like. if you like arts then go for it. do enjoy yourself. most important thing is to just make sure you enjoy yourself, and pls improve on your dota my fellow GHOST SQUAD MATE. ALPHA GOGOGO! =)) you're a great friend, a nice and honest chap. take care
[Eugene][the hamster/rabbit/whatever look-alike, ghost squad mate]

Fangming- wonder whether you will ever manage to read this, but i'm still going to write it. sorry, i didnt have the chance to talk to you much but i can see you're quite a jovial guy. and i bet you enjoy your stay in vj especially with yi ann's company (cough cough) haha. joking. they say you might be going nj, well then enjoy yourself there ya? show them your lovely apple notebook ha.
[Fangming][Small-eyed scholar]

Shi Yi- hey girl, firstly sorry ya for making you cry so often =) this doesnt mean i'll stop here, HWACHONG =)) i kind of understand what you are going thru when i was thinking about whether or not to take my tsd and now that i may be leaving for tj i perfectly understand the pain. so, since you've made your choice, i believe the class will support you all the way. ha. and for me, i will always remember you as the snapple girl, the emotional girl, the cute one, the hwachong girl. do take care, life is short, enjoy it to the fullest wherever you are, all the best!
[Shi Yi][the snapple girl]

George- MY FELLOW OG MATE! ha, i think it's really quite a coincidence that we are in the same og and ended up in the same class, well at least for the 1st 6 weeks. just want to say that, george is a really kind sc guy. he's always there to help whenever i ask him on what homework is due the next day. though i always never do. ahah so thanks a lot dude. once again, sorry for not voting for you for sc, i really forgot about it, but ya you still got through, you see, have more confidence in yourself, they voted for you for a reason. and ya, ahem, SHEENA. haah. you should know what i will say so i wont type. haha. take care.
[george- the honest guy, the ready-made husband type]

Oliver- haha, didnt get to talk to you much until yesterday when we shared the cab home. always thought that you're SUPER comical la. right from the start, during banner painting, where you disturbingly played with your pockets, and the funny mashed potatoes you did. ha. and tell you what, you def have a bright future in RUGBY. ultra funny man the way you pinned jonathan, we should have rubgy match again one day. ha. the cab ride home yesterday didnt came easy, we had to run for it. lol. funny dude, take care, and carry on being the source of entertainment for the class ya?
[Oliver][the funny guy who rocks at pool]

Ee Loong- ha, please man, no matter what, we really shouldnt play dota when there's only the 2 of us, we'll just end up waiting for games in bnet. haha. sorry for irritating you when we play dota, cause i suck at it so badly. haha. ah pek, forever grumbling one. either complain about kyna's clothes or the poor air-conditioning. haha.
[Ee Loong][the grouchy ah pek]

Farah- hey, i heard about why you cried during the physics make up prac that day. ha, come to think of it, i was really a little bit pissed with what you said that day, but silly girl, i'm a happy go lucky person, i'm no that petty =) was touched to see you cry that day though cause i thought you are irritated with me in class. haha. silly girl, dont cry so often too ya, you're a hardworking girl cause i always copy your tutorials ah, so all the best in everything, including your soccer. ha. take care
[Farah][zaza(remember?)- the many misunderstandings]

Mitch- ha, this is such a good way to differentiate between you and the other michelle. remember slv, ha. we made the kids so happy. ha. it was funny esp when we didnt even prepare much. but we still rocked. lol. the kids had great eye sight, they know how to identify a handsome guy. ahah. hmm, and i thought it was remarkable of you to almost single handedly finished the class new year's banner. credit should go to you for winning us the voucher. ha, you rock. and remember, monica wong SUCKS. stupid childish old hag who have a fetish with locking doors. retarded. remember, middle finger up, 1, 2 , 3..... =)
[Mitch][ the artistic girl with one hell of an attitude =)]

Jonathan- hey 'twin', though i didnt really want to admit to this, but, what the heck, i'm leaving soon. so yup, you should be honoured. ha, i had a couple of bad impressions of you initially, but slowly, i realised that you're quite a nice guy too. esp during that rugby lesson we had together. hmm, and you've always been quite supportive towards me. be it in house com or my appeal case. so a big thanks to you for that. ha. think that, you're the type that really need people to know you well before they will start to like you as a friend. ha. so take care, have fun in kayak and oh, you never seem to be angry no matter how i suan you so you do have a good temper and very sporty esp since you drank that disgusting coke, so rawk on.
[jun kiat][ the shortfart =))]

Yong sheng- hey didnt really know much about you in vs, but i do now. ha. hmm, do enjoy your rockclimbing cca, really think ccas like rockclimbing and odac suits you cause you're the outdoor type of guy to me. so congrats on making it to rc. hav fun in everything you do. it's been nice knowing you.
[ys][the adventurous one]

Man Hoe- MUG HOE, haah you bloody mugger, got a freaking 21 for econs test. go away. MUN HOE YOU LA. haha. hope you dont mind the jokes. ah. if you're going to appeal for tj, i wish you all the best, and ya i'll OWN you in dota =)) good luck, and we should really get you mugs for your birthday MUGGER =))
[Man Hoe][mug hoe the man whore]

Fan Di, Jia Bin- hey didnt get to talk much to you two, but still all e best

Michelle, Yi Ann- it was nice seeing you two at the last outing, enjoy and all e best too. expecting to see you two for top 10 students la next yr. haha. take care

Jia Qing- haha, MONCIA WONG. lol. wonder how we manage to link you two together but somehow it matches perfectly =)) jia qing is very unlucky, each time he went out on a date, he's bound to see me somewhere, so the next time you go out on a date, LOOK out for me! =))
[Jia Qing][the china scholar look alike, the one with 1 gf per day]

Su hui- haha, somehow, we always are in the same group during class discussions. lol. it's just so unlucky for you. ahah. why didnt you went to our class outings. grr. lol.fellow 9 pointer, i wish you all the best too. hopefully, you'll get into the jc you want. all the best.

Sasi- hey, you and priya have been really helpful during my appeal case. so thanks a lot. remember the first day when i sat beside you, it was meant to be man. VICTORIANS UNITE. ha, i will always remember the 3 men victoria cheer we had. haha.
[Sasi][the ultimate victorian]

Zhi Li- hey girl, go pursue your dreams man. i know that you're one that knows what you yourself really want and is never afraid to pursue them. remember, life is full of changes, what is important is how we make that bend to live with that change and yet live life to the fullest. take care.
[zhi li][the focused one]

Prahlad- hi, playing pool with you yesterday was really fun, hope it have been an enjoying experience for you though. know you're applying for rj, so good luck ya, you'll know what you'll get in 6 hours time. ha. all the best too.

Kyna- hey gal, BIG thank for everything ya. it's really been nice knowing you. ha. not like i'm going to die la. ya, but you've been a great friend. haha, i'll remember you 'gold' heart chocolate for v day. ahah. thanks for trying to console me when i was down that day, and even made the effort to play pool with us yesterday. ha. dont always pon lectures la, now that you'll be taking tsd, you dont have free time to read up on notes to understand the topics. have that faith in yourself alright, you'll definitely do well in tsd, at least you tried and it's a subject you like so i believe you dont mind slogging your guts out for it. ha. we should really go try that water skiing one day, ha. it looks really fun but this time please please please, can i have a bike too. thanks. take care, and rock on.
[Kyna][the decisive one]

Tze Ting, Sheena, Hongsheng- they say we should always leave the best for the last. like how somehow always reminded me, 'we've barely known each other' and yet we clicked so well. if i cant make it back, you guys should rock on. jiemeis. haah. tze ting, whether or not i'm in vj, you're still my friend so i'll def go send you off like i promised, dont worry. and please dont lose confidence in yourself. 5 golds 2 silvers. you've accomplished so much as a national sailor, much much more than anyone of us can ever achieve, you should be proud of yourself. you'll do equally well in other areas too, since you can master such a diff sport like sailing then what say a few maths questions and other stuffs. you can do it. i believe in you. and yes i like my new bag too =)
hongsheng- i think you're a interesting guy too, one with plenty of emotions. ha, i'm still amazed at your ability to cry in such a short time. ha. we can make good use of it. ah, can prevent lee mee from picking on you. haha, and you are REALLY very good at being sarcastic, such a pity you dont take tsd, you'll rock in it. haaha. it's fun to be around with you. do spread the joy to the whole class. and SO WHAT if you're wearing brown checkered shirt with bedok green crest and a motto like 'believe and grow', afterall you still managed to get into vjc regardless it's appeal or not. you should be proud of yourself cause i am proud of you. like what dear mrs koh said, 'hongsheng, you have the potential to go far, you just need to focus' HAHA. GOOD LUCK all the best.
SHEENS- haah, just cant stop laughing whenever i think about that time when you got those free food.haha. funny but cute. lol. sorry too for not voting for the sc thing. really forgot. but you still got in to along with GEORGE hah. so good luck with the sai kang. haah. at least george can help. lol. and lee mee is simply biased against us, BEWARE.haha, i can see that you're really busy now that you'e become involved in sc. having to juggle sc, studies and your house being so far away isnt exactly easy to cope with, but look, you're SHEENA, if you can do so well in getting excellent service out of those restaurants then why not cope with your hetic schedule. haaha. joking. but i really enjoyed the times we had together, all four of us. good times. esp at billy bombers cause that's like one of the rare moments when all 4 of us are free. good luck for everything. take care

finally, i finished writing.. it's 3 am now. haah, just want to say that these 6 weeks have really been the best times of my life, the class is only as good as the students. it's you people that make this period of time so wonderful, thanks. we'll always be 1 big completed jigsaw puzzle, no one should be missing from this whole family. we rocked. thanks peeps.


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hey PEEPS. well this is so funny cause acting formal is just not my style but nevertheless, there's many things i really want to say before i (maybe) leave the class. if i'm really leaving well i dont want to keep these feelings untold. firstly, i think we simply rock. it's like to me, i really never thought that i will be so attached to this class. honestly, i didnt. i'm even more attached to our class than with my ex class. i know that there may be differences between each and everyone of us, and certain misunderstandings but at this point of time, i seriously feel very bonded to this class. so much to the extent that i rather not come vj. rather not know you all. for i do not want to miss this class, miss you people so badly. this is so emo, but ya i'll carry on.
remember, SLV? lame we may think it is, but sure we rocked the place upside down with our vjc cheers.
remember monica wong? how united we are in our rebellion against her
remember econs test? MUG HOE =))
remember everything we ever did cause it totally represent what S64 is made up of. each and everyone of us.
the class is also one of my main reason why i didnt want to take tsd. and the support i received from you people on wednesday was tremendous, i was really touched. thanks for trying to cheer me up today and yesterday. though i may not be in this class anymore, the class spirit will really remain in me. one hell of an experience that i will never forget. i love you guys. as much as i hope things remain the way it is now, life still must go on, reality is that cruel. but always remember the S64 we've always enjoyed. i love you all. take care please.

[when i'm gone][eminen]
And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling
And I didn't feel a thing,
So baby don't feel no pain
Just smile back
And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling
And I didn't feel a thing,
So baby don't feel no pain
Just smile back...


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As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change,
Come whatever
We will still be, friends forever

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testinggg testingg

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