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Asst CT:Shiyi
SC:Sheeeeena and George
YanQing,Michelle S
Jia Bin,Zhang(Xuan,Hao)

The class: Farah,Johnathan Lan,Michelle Lee,Ruo Wei
Su Hui,Ee Loong,JiaQing,Tze Ting,Sasi,Hongsheng,Oliver,Xiuquan

Our OLD Class: Derrick
Eugene,Kyna,Fang Ming
Prahlad,Fan Di,Mun Hoe(****)
Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hey hong sheng, thanks for putting in so much effort into beautifying this blog, its been dead for quite some time, hopefully things will pick up soon. Just looking at the picture brings back so much memories. Winning that best year 1 class award really felt so good, i can still remember the class spirit back then. Really missing those times, times when things were more fun, when lessons were not all that important, having fun was main priority. Sometimes i wish we could turn back time and really treasure every single moment of it. Like Miss Lim's friend, looking life from a totally different angle. I'm just in a really nostalgic mood now. Anyways, 64 lets work hard for these few weeks and we'll reap our sows when the results are out. Best of luck to all, 64s present and old? [you know what i mean].

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

hello people. nice blogskin rite? haha..sorry to current S64 ppl, we dont have a nice class photo in which i can use. i hope ppl who have left us are doing fine.

the new class now have a good mix of people. people with different talents and gifts. many of them are pairing up like those in SC? and our asst CT rep and *******. so this is kinda fun. its rather cool to have people to tease.

S64 did super well on average for Mid years thanks to a few individual that pull the average grade up. and to those who didnt do well(including myself) better buck up and dont pull down the class..=P

dont forget the lecture test is coming on monday and our promos are coming REAL SOON! start mugging or you'll regret. i hope the class blog will come alive again. maybe we can post announcements here. haha..

see you ppl in school tomorrow. =D

like winter night needs fire, like temple needs a shrine
like lover needs each other, like prophet needs a sign,

we need her, yes we know,
we need you, MRS KOH

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